Natural grape white dry Georgian wine of the controlled name by origin

White dry wine "Tsinandali" is made from the varieties "Rkatsiteli" and "Mtsvane", grown in the territory of the controlled origin of "Tsinandali". Aged in oak barrels, the vintage "Cinanadali" acquires a special flavor and taste, so appreciated by true wine gourmets. "Tsinandali" is recommended for dishes from fish and to poultry meat.


Alcohol - 12 Grape variety - Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane

Taster note

The rich bouquet of "Tsinandali" contains sourness of a green apple, cream and light chalky smack. The taste corresponds to the smell, with a distinct spicy finish, which is most valuable when the wine is consumed with food. "Tsinandali" goes well with such cheeses as "Gouda" and "Parmesan" or with salty cheeses, whose sharp taste will be shaded with a rich wine aftertaste.