Natural grape red dry Georgian wine of the controlled name by origin

Red dry "Mukuzani" is made from selected "Saperavi" grapes, grown on own vineyards of "Alexandreuli" LLC. "Mukuzani" bouquet is full of aromas of black currant and plum. A special subtlety to this vintage wine gives spicy bitterness. "Mukuzani" is recommended for meat dishes cooked on the grill.


Alcohol - 12 Grape variety - Saperavi

The color of Mukuzani is a rich ruby, uniform throughout the bottle. The wine has a pronounced grape aroma, with hints of caramel. Dryness and medium strength make Mukuzani an excellent accompaniment for meat dishes, including beef and game dishes. In the preparation of meat, it is best to use fruits and black pepper to emphasize similar shades in the flavor of Mukuzani.