Natural grape red semi-sweet Georgian wine of the controlled name by origin

"Kindzmarauli", red semisweet vintage wine, which is made from selected "Saperavi" grapes, grown in the territory of the controlled origin of Kindzmarauli. Remarkable taste qualities ensured "Kindzmarauli" world recognition. A unique bouquet of "Kinzamaruli" contains tones of violets, plums and wild berries. "Kindzmarauli" reveals the fullness of taste in combination with fruits and desserts.


Alcohol - 11,5 Sugar - 4,5 Grape variety – Saperavi

Taster note

The red semi-sweet wine "Kindzmarauli" is made from selected "Saperavi" grapes grown on their own vineyards in a controlled natural area of Kindzmarauli. A unique bouquet of this winecontains tones of violets, plums and wild berries. "Kindzmarauli" is recommended for fruits and desserts.