Natural grape red semi-sweet Georgian wine of the controlled name by origin

In 2008, Khvanchakara Bugeuli received a gold medal at the international competition of Georgian wines "Georgia - Homeland of Wine" in the nomination "Red semi-sweet wine"

"Khvanchkara" is a true sample of wine, a precious gem of Georgian winemaking. This wine is made from the grapes Alexandrouli and Mudjuretouli, which are grown on the territory of controlled origin. " Khvanchkara " is a vintage wine that has a rich velvet taste with a light bitter , and a rich bouquet of raspberry and cherry aromas. " Khvanchkara" is great for desserts and fruits.


Alcohol - 12, sugar - 4,5, grape variety - Alexandrouli, Mudjuretouli

Taster note

" Khvanchkara " is an incredible wine that has unique "pure wine aromas". In this wine, such vivid aromas as fruit, herbs and mustard do not drown excessive sweetness. In Khvannchkara, sweetness is light, it does not overwhelm the feeling, "dividing the scene" with its partners - wine flavors. "Khvanchkara" is perfectly combined with salty cheeses, desserts, but it can perfectly be used independently ...