Natural grape red dry Georgian wine

In 2008, Alexandrouli Bugeuli received a gold medal at the international competition of Georgian wines "Georgia - the Homeland of Wine" in the nomination "Red dry wine"

Red dry wine "Alexandrouli" appeared recently, but already managed to acquire an unofficial name - "dry Khvanchkara." The admirers of dry table wine will be delighted with the aroma of forest berries and the rich bouquet of Alexandrouli. Recommended for meat cooked on the grill.


Alcohol - 12,5 Variety of grapes - Alexandrouli, Mujuretuli

Taster note

Red dry wine "Alexandrouli" is known among the people as "dry Khvanchkara." Made from selected grapes "Alexandrouli", this wine has a pleasant taste of raspberries and cherries. Fans of dry wines will appreciate the harmony of a rich bouquet, saturated with the aroma of fruits and berries. "Alexandrouli" is recommended for meat dishes.