Natural grape red semi-sweet Georgian wine of the controlled name by origin


Natural grape white semi-sweet Georgian wine


Natural grape red semi-dry Georgian wine


Natural grape red dry Georgian wine

In western Georgia, the Racha region grows the grape varieties Alexandrouli, Mujuretuli, from which the famous Khvanchkara wine is produced, the flagship of Georgian winemaking.

Exactly "Khvanchkara" from 1910, after receiving the grand prix of tasting in Belgium and the token of the King of Belgium, Leopold the Second, brought Georgia to the leaders of the winemaking art.

Winery Bugeuli is located in western Georgia, the region of Racha, the microzone of Khvanchkara.

Wines of Bugeuli at the international contest of Georgian wines "Georgia - the birthplace of wine" received 3 medals and got the first two places in the Third International Professional Tasting Contest of bever drinks BEST DRINK.