A precious wine for darling people.

Everything on earth has its own home, everyone has a homeland.
The place where you were born, and which is forever in your heart.
The native land of wine is Georgia. Here is the heart of wine, here is its soul.

Yes, archaeological excavations confirm that fact, it was in Georgia that the first vineyard was planted and the first wine was created. Even the Hellenes, the great connoisseurs of lavish feasts, paid tribute to the wines made in ancient Colchis - it's no wonder that Georgian wine is mentioned in the "Odyssey" of Homer.

It was under the influence of the cult of wine that the cultural traditions of Georgia were formed. However, winemaking has become crucial not only for the development of culture, but also for the development of technology. For example, in Georgia, the remains of ancient irrigation systems are found, which are necessary for watering vineyards. And, it should be noted that at that time these structures could be considered exemplary.

There is also an exemplary wine in Georgia. All Georgian wines deserve respect. However, a special place among them is occupied by "Khvanchkara" - the famous red semisweet wine from the heart of Georgian winemaking, the mountain region of Racha. It is here that the village of Bugeuli is located - one of the few blessed places where "Alexandrouli" and "Mujuretuli" grape varieties grow, of which Khvanchkara is produced.

Owners of the company "Aleksandreuli" owns more than 60% of the vineyards "Alexandrouli" and "Mujuretuli", and therefore it was decided to make "Khvanchkaru" the flagship of the Bugeuli brand. And in the first year of its existence, "Khvanchkara" Bugeuli won a gold medal at the prestigious competition of Georgian wines "Georgia is the birthplace of wine".

This award is a tribute to the attitude that the brand owners have taken to creating their own wine. They undertook the revival of vineyards in troubled times, and few believed in their success. But vineyards alone are not enough to make the right "Khvanchkaru". We need modern winemaking equipment - expensive and high-quality. We need people who are devoted to their work. And you need a clear conscience - to always produce an equally high-quality wine.

That is why in the village of Bugeuli there was built a new winery - equipped with equipment, which is not equal in Georgia. A team of specialists of the highest qualification was created. And, being the native inhabitants of Bugeuli, the owners of the company made a promise to revive the winemaking traditions of their homeland. And to do it worthy - you need to be responsible for each of the million bottles of wine, which are produced at the plant in Bugeuli.

Despite its relative youth, Bugeuli competes on an equal footing with recognized market players. Thanks to high-quality raw materials and modern production, our wine already wins at prestigious competitionsами рынка.

Thus, at an international contest of Georgian wines "Georgia is the birthplace of wine" experts from Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and Georgia awarded three medals to the wines of Bugeuli. Two gold medals in key nominations:

"Red semi-sweet wine" and "Red dry wine" took "Khvanchkara" and "Alexandrouli". Silver medal in the nomination "White semisweet wine" was taken by "Tetra". Also, red dry wine "Teliani" received the so-called "Seal of Approval". These awards are the best confirmation of the serious ambitions of the Bugeuli brand.

Only with such wine - real, high-quality, truly Georgian - one can count on success in the oversaturated Ukrainian market. However, our brand has a significant advantage. After all, in a sense, the wines of Bugeuli are precious. Georgian winemakers have invested their whole soul to grow grapes. Thanks to centuries of tradition, they made wine from this grapes. And then they brought it to you so that you could share it with those who always share with you the most beautiful moments of your life. Share the wine Bugeuli with the closest and dearest people - they deserve the best.